Never Giving up..

My Uncles words to live by… This journey so far has taken over 14 years of my life, which is pretty much half of it, and for what- one medal… It sounds a little bit crazy when you think about it; especially now having the World title back under our belts… I once heard a... Continue Reading →

Miami so far…

Its January again… So for BSST that means we are in Miami… The 2nd round of the ISAF Sailing World Cup takes place every year in Miami, and since the USA has a great fleet of sonars, and the racing attracts most of the major players on our circuit, it’s an event we rarely miss.... Continue Reading →

Black pudding :-)

It’s official… We can now eat black pudding by the bucket load, whilst claiming to be eating a superfood!! - hurray!!Recently the good old staple of an English Fry up has been getting a lot of attention, and I for one am pretty excited… Now of course black pudding is a bit like marmite, you... Continue Reading →

Theme hospital!!

This is a random post, but if like me you grew up in the 90's, then you'll have no doubt come across Theme hospital... Theme Hospital was one of those games that used to be on a CD, took ages to load, had horrendous graphics, but was totally addictive. Bullfrog (the creators)  were really onto... Continue Reading →

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