What now for Paralympic sailing?

Over the period of the London Boat-show, I was lucky enough to chat to a lot of people in the Marine industry, and it was surprising how many had the same question- what’s happening with Paralympic Sailing, and more to the point, will it get reinstated? It’s no secret that I am a fairly vocal... Continue Reading →


Over my time racing for the British Sailing team, I’ve been very lucky to have some amazing and supportive sponsors; one that deserves a special and quite simply massive THANK YOU is Volvo. I’ve had the privilege to drive some top of the range luxury cars, and they’ve made the logsitics of the Sonar programme... Continue Reading →

Holiday reading…

Christmas and New Year are one of those fab times that you get to snuggle down on the sofa by the fire, and demolish a load of books- plus normally in my case I get bought nothing but books!This year I’ve managed to get through a couple of old favourites as well as discovering a... Continue Reading →

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