Catching up…

So I guess it time for a really good catch up… First off, who has been watching and tracking the Vendée globe with the same level of obsession as I have?  It's been such an addictive race to follow; with all the boats being so close, the weather being just that bit different, and the... Continue Reading →

A little catch up!

Hello Everyone,  I appreciate its been a while since we had a good old update…   Since I last updated you all, things have been moving in very positive directions for all parts of this big crazy dream of mine, and much yachting has occurred, which is always a good thing to me!!  The last... Continue Reading →


Over my time racing for the British Sailing team, I’ve been very lucky to have some amazing and supportive sponsors; one that deserves a special and quite simply massive THANK YOU is Volvo. I’ve had the privilege to drive some top of the range luxury cars, and they’ve made the logsitics of the Sonar programme... Continue Reading →

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