Motivational Speaking

As a 4 time Paralympian, Hannah knows what it takes to follow your dreams, and has always lived by her Uncle’s motto “never give up”. 

In today’s challenging business environment, many lessons can be learnt from professional athletes; working in pressured environments, team work & collaboration, learning from your mistakes, overcoming adversity, trust and loyalty, as well as some good old fashioned fun!


My Paralympic Journey:

With a career that includes being the first Team to hold the World Championship title 3 times, as well as podium finishes all around the world, the story of Hannah’s journey to 4 Paralympic games is nothing short of tenacious.

From childhood bullying to being told that sailing wasn’t the sport for her, nothing was going to come between her and her love for the water and the freedom and equality that it gave her.

Never giving up:

Having your dreams shattered and watching the medal slip away from your grasp…

Hannah’s story of the London 2012 Paralympic games is one for the history books, and many people would have quit following the result. Re-telling the story, you are taken right inside the protest room, and you understand the fight that Team GB undertook to claw back a medal that was taken away from them through someone else actions.

Vendee Aspirations:

More astronauts have circled the globe than single-handed sailors, and the Southern Ocean is known as the most desolate place in the world, so why would you want to take on that challenge?

Hannah’s childhood dream of being the first disabled sailor to circumnavigate the Globe in the “Everest of the Seas’ leaves many people thinking she is up a tree and barking! Once she starts sharing her vision, however, you begin to understand why she wants to be the first true single-handed sailor, and you can’t help but feel inspired by the passion and determination to get to that start line in 2020.

Hannah has a “can-do” spirit that’s infectious, and what she has achieved so far is inspirational and awe-inspiring.


Mental Toughness – Having the mental grit to keep going when things don’t go to plan. What are the what-ifs, and how can we make it work through the tough times? Hannah shares her journey through “stress exposure” training and how being tough isn’t always about putting up a fight. You’ll even be put through some of the SET exercises yourselves!!

Planning and Logistics – Known as the “Queen of Logistics’, Hannah is renowned for her organisational skills and had an equipment programme that was envied around the world. Sharing her knowledge of getting boats from A-B, and of course learning to deal with it all going wrong she can help you plan, goal set and work logistics in a way that only an athlete can!

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