Catching up…

So I guess it time for a really good catch up… First off, who has been watching and tracking the Vendée globe with the same level of obsession as I have?  It's been such an addictive race to follow; with all the boats being so close, the weather being just that bit different, and the... Continue Reading →

A little catch up!

Hello Everyone,  I appreciate its been a while since we had a good old update…   Since I last updated you all, things have been moving in very positive directions for all parts of this big crazy dream of mine, and much yachting has occurred, which is always a good thing to me!!  The last... Continue Reading →

Celebrating us women!

So it’s International Womens Day, a time to celebrate women and push for equality and parity between the genders, and this year the hashtag is #PressforProgress. Sailing, as many other sports, is male dominated at the most competitive levels. As a woman who has competed in this arena it adds extra pressure to the life... Continue Reading →

Four investments I had to make…

When I hear the word investments, I immediately think money and start sweating… No Dad, put down the mobile, its not an "emergency credit card situation", don't panic! I am not talking about the kind of investments where you risk your hard earned cash in the hopes of making making thousands of pounds… I am... Continue Reading →

Holiday reading…

Christmas and New Year are one of those fab times that you get to snuggle down on the sofa by the fire, and demolish a load of books- plus normally in my case I get bought nothing but books!This year I’ve managed to get through a couple of old favourites as well as discovering a... Continue Reading →

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