A big step forward…

So I’ve done it, I finally followed the rest of the world into blogging.

But why??

Well… I’m glad you asked.

Recently things have been changing and adapting in the world around me, and my life has changed in ways I never thought it could. So I thought I would start to share what it’s really like behind the scenes, my future ambitions, and really just to share my journey to what is hopefully the Paralympic Podium.

Over my many years of being on the Paralympic Sailing circuit, I’ve slowly been tapping away behind the scenes writing a book. From here on in, I’ll publish things that are a part of it, as well as things that aren’t. I wanted to show what its really like, how things don’t always go the way we plan or envisage, and how no matter what, my Uncle’s philosophy of “Never giving up” is how I choose to live my life.

So I hope you like what you read, or in the very least, you appreciate that its not all gin and sailing!

H x

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