Sailing Time!

So I’ve been back in the UK for a while now, and on the grind pretty much since my feet touched the floor at Gatwick!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting in the hours on the water in the not so sunny Weymouth…

We’ve made some good progressions in our sailing, finally shaking things up. We’ve pulled together our medal winning plan, putting into place all that we’ve learnt over the winter. It’s a nice feeling; when you see it all laid out before you, and for me personally a relief! We really know what it’s going to take to win that Gold medal in Rio, and believe me, we are taking those steps towards it!

The biggest challenge we have faced recently is change; changing systems, routines, and just generally shaking things up. Don’t forget, we’ve been together as a team for over 13 years now, so it’s easy to slide back into the old ways as they’re comfy.

Change is always quite hard, like my coach says; “the only one who really likes change is a baby with a dirty nappy!”

It’s nice to be back into an almost routine though, as that’s something I really thrive of- plus it keeps the OCD side of me very happy! 🙂

Recently, John was away for a weekend at an RAF reunion, so we all had a chance to change roles. With Coach Simon taking my position in the front of the boat, that left Steve to take over the tactics, and myself to take the helm.

It was an interesting weekend of racing at the RYA Spring series, and we struggled at first… It really makes you appreciate just how good your Team mates are! But in the end, it was productive, and an experience we are keen to repeat.

So now we’re onto the next part of our plan; Hyeres and the Sailing World Cup.

H x

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