Australia so far…

So if you’re following me on instagram you might think I’ve swanned off to the other side of the world on Holiday! No…. I haven’t.

We’re currently in Melbourne, ahead of the World Championships and then later the ISAF Sailing World Cup.

Watching the sunrise as we headed towards AUS, I really took some time to appreciate just how far we’ve all come over the last few months. The team is strong and ready to race, in fact, I’d say we’re probably more relaxed about racing than we’ve been in a long while, which goes to show that taking strength from all the training we’ve been doing behind the scenes really pays off.


The view from my bedroom that is home for the next month is pretty awesome- the port lights up at night, and I love the activity of it all…

People think we’re loaded because we always stay in these houses, and generally they are quite big to accomdate the team and people we choose to surround oursevles with as support. The thing is if you actually work out what it would cost to put us up in a hotel, as well as the added cost of eating out, this really is the more economical way to stay!! Plus it has the added bonus of being an enivronment we can be in control of- something the OCD side of me is a big fan of 🙂

The house is literally a 2 minute walk from the gym, so we’ve been hitting that up every day for sessions…


On the first day here, we managed to get out to the Shrine of Remembrance in the city. It’s a very moving place, and quite unexpected to find a crypt and a museum underneath it all. We spent a good few hours just taking the place in,and were lucky enough to witness the moving of the light ceremony, which had been missed the previous day due to bad weather.

We’ve also been exploring in the city and generally getting to know the place.

Hopefully we’ll get time to go to the aquarium; they’re one of my favourite places to relax, I’m not entirely sure why, but I feel chilled out and love taking time out in most of the places we visit to try and get to one!

It’s been fun to have some time off in the venue, and it’s starting to feel normal.

The container is all in and unloaded, and luckily the shiny new boat has survived the crossing without a scratch on her- something we’re pretty relieved about.


Today we’re off out for the first time to shake the boat down and check she’s firing on all cylinders, then we’ll get to work and start putting ourselves through it!!

H x

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