Miami so far…

Its January again…

So for BSST that means we are in Miami…

The 2nd round of the ISAF Sailing World Cup takes place every year in Miami, and since the USA has a great fleet of sonars, and the racing attracts most of the major players on our circuit, it’s an event we rarely miss.


This year we’ve made the unusual choice to not ship our kit over here (save for a suit of sails that we managed to get on the plane), and we’ve chartered a boat from a local charity, Team Paradise.
It’s weird being here without one of our 3 girls, especially as the kit we’re borrowing could be described as “well used”.

So far we’ve spent 2 days battling to get the boat into some sort of shape for racing, and today we finally managed to get out on the water to see what she was like…. It went pretty well, but it’s left another long list of things that need to be adjusted to suit the way we sail, as well as some things that just need sorting to make the boat sailable!!

The forecast for the next few days is looking fresh to pretty frightening, so there’s a very real chance that we’re going to have a few spare hours to keep going with the boat work!!

Lets see what the next few days bring…

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