Europe so far..

So peeps, its been nearly 3 weeks in Europe and so far it’s been tres bon!!
Now as a few of you know, I hate flying…. Well I also hate ferries; so boarding the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Caen is basically my idea of torture- for 6 hours!! Despite that, the weather for once was on my side and a perfectly flat calm night was ahead of me, and I put in my best effort and basically stressed myself into a sleep!


Waking in France, Trevor (The luxury RYA transit van that I’m towing the Coach boat with) put the pedal to the metal and chugged away down to Dad’s house in the Loire Valley; I always take the time to stop in at Dad’s house on the way to the European circuit, as we rarely ever overlap our time in the UK!  IMG_4229.JPG Trevor the transit and the coach boat

Once there, I took a few days just to hang out with Dad and Helen, as well as eating all the yummy food that was on offer in the local area; which normally consists of kidneys, steak tartare, peas and any form of red meat! We also took a day trip to Angers, where we explored and took in some of the fantastic old buildings, as well as spotting a sneaky elephant!!

Sneaky elephant! 

Literally one of my favourite things is steak tartare, and I will take every opportunity I can to get my mitts on it, so as you can imagine, I’ve been eating so much red meat, there’s no way my iron levels will be low!

Steak tartare and Cafe gourmand- don’t mind if I do! 

Hyeres was an interesting regatta this year, throwing at us pretty much every weather condition, and plenty of “it’s not normally like this”, as well as some typically close Sonar racing. We lost a few days training in the beginning as a result of a rather heavy duty mistral that blew in, but as always, we kept ourselves busy, and hit the water ready and raring to go; we even managed to win the first race with a brand new jib in several pieces!

Please let that stitching hold! 

Overall, it was a great event for us, walking away with the silver. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still loads to do, but thats a pretty exciting place to be.


So with 124 days to go to the start of the Paralympic Games, I’m sitting on the shores of Lake Garda awaiting the arrival of the boys ahead of the next regatta that starts on Monday. As always, stay tuned on the Twitter and the Facebook for updates!

The view from the castle in Malcesine

124 days… This really is it!

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