September reboot…

Is it me, or does September weirdly feel like a reboot month?

Despite the fact that it isn’t even a halfway point of the year, or even a significant part of the year, there’s a lot of evidence that is claiming “September is the new January”.

I personally love September! It’s that weird time of year where you argue over the heating and start searching out those fluffy jumpers that you spent so much time in last winter.

Now most of us aren’t students anymore, so we’re not stocking up on textbooks, or buying fab new stationary for the academic year ahead, but none the less, it’s becoming a thing that September is seen as a kind of “new beginning”.

It’s been a busy summer for me with a ton of sailing, and a lot of changes within HSR, but at the same time that has lead to me not really looking after myself, so he arrival of September is somewhat of a welcome repieve for me, as its given me time to really focus, to cut back on my caffeine consumption, and to get my winter training plan in place!

For me, most of this month so far has been spent in the gym putting the hours in getting chunkier and fitter in my bid to actually be able to lift the headsail of an IMOCA, as well as hurtling around the country on the never-ending hunt for sponsorship to take me to the Vendee Globe.

This all sounds great, but as well as having moments of super focus, I’ve also been struggling with procrastination. I think its something we all struggle with from time to time… It’s so easy after all, spend a few minutes extra on social media, hit snooze more than once, watch one more episode on netflix…. You get the gist!

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I found this great Lifehack piece about “power hours” where having just one super focused, no distractions period of time set aside every day can increase your productivity no end…

The Power Hour is easily translated into one dedicated hour where you put 100% effort into one dedicated task or project. During this allotted Power Hour, you can often make more progress than you normally would in entire workday.
– via Lifehack

So power hours have started featuring in my daily routine… Now contrary to the advice, I’ve found it better to schedule mine in the evenings, as I seem to be more productive then. Don’t get me wrong, I found it a nightmare for the first few days and came to the conclusion that I would have to build up to the full hour, but once I started seeing the end results, it was worth the effort!

Today it’s a well earned day off from the gym as I haven’t had one for a few days, and I had an awesome time at the Brightlingsea jog, walk & run event yesterday so I’m looking forward to a few hours of rest for the legs!

Don’t worry though, there’s still a power hour in my day!

H x

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