Travelling essentials :-)

So its time for something a bit lighter…

Here are my top traveling essentials!

1. Gaiam Yoga Matt-

I love this Yoga mat, its really pretty, Gaiam have a great range, and it travels pretty well. Yoga is great after a long flight, it helps get the blood circulating, and it’s also very relaxing. I also add yoga balls, a strap and 3 blocks, seeing as I’m forearm challenged on one side!! You can pick up one of these for around $30 at this website:

2. Journal

My favorite journal is from another American company, knock knock. I love keeping track of everything, and its a great way to vent emotions, or to remember amazing days. Plus reading back through them is an awesome trip down memory lane. You can see their great range of journals and notebooks here:

3. Notebooks

I always have at least one of these bad boys in my bag, sometimes up to 4, I love being able to jot stuff down. I have some for my sailing notes, some for chores, some for budgets, and one that’s been added recently, a food diary! I get mine at Paperchase, around £6.99 for the A6 size.

4. HS Elite supplements

Now I’m not usually one for popping pills, in fact I’ll barely take paracetamol without worrying about it being contaminated! So along came Health Span elite… they’re listed on Informed Sport, and they batch test their products. I take the fish oils, the vitamin D and the Multivitamin. Check out their range:

5. Badger balm

A great little discovery, and an amazing addition to any travel bag. I worship this stuff! For anyone that struggles to sleep on planes, or when they are changing environments a lot, you simply rub this into your temples and breathe it in!! it sounds crazy, but it’s soothing and if anything it just smells yummy 🙂

6. Cold and Flu spray

Planes and boats are a great place for germs to spread, so I’m super careful. Supplements, hydration, hand-washing and of course a quick nasal spray are things that everyone should keep on top of on long journeys.

7. Olbas oil

OK this ones a little crazy! Quite often we are off to hot places, especially Rio, so normally there is a lot of air conditioning. Now that dries people out, so it’s best to not use it, and stick to open windows. Brazil however is one of those places where that’s not possible!! So I use Olbas oil. I’ve found a few drops on a cotton wool pad does the job, plus it makes the room smell awesome 🙂

10. Hand sanitizer

A non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned. I always have one of these attached to my hand bags, simple and easy!

11. Biff the stress ball

So finally the last in my travel essentials- Biff… He’s a leather stress ball shaped like an elephant. I’m a pretty nervous flyer, which may surprise some of you, as I’m flying pretty often these days! I just hold onto him when I get nervous, and it makes the journey a little bit easier…

So there you have it, some things that are in my bags traveling around the world… 🙂

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