Eating challenges…

Currently I’m taking some time away in the USA with a friend.

As you can imagine, its pretty rare that we aren’t training or away on the road with the constant regatta schedule, so this break really is welcome!

So far we’ve mainly spent our time at the Disney World Park, as well as Universal, and of course one of my favorite activities- shopping!!

Being away for me is a constant challenge… I’m a huge fan of routines, so having to change time zones, locations and daily plans, I find quite upsetting- especially when it comes to eating.

How do other people manage??

I’m normally really good when I’m at home, constantly eating all the right things, at the right times…. But here, I’m really struggling, and it being the USA, means temptation is literally around every corner, after all… “America runs on Dunkin” (Dunkin Donuts that is!)

So its salad and baked white fish for dinner, lets see if I can resist the urge to eat a bag of crisps, sorry chips on the sofa 🙂

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