Fireworks, fun and BALANCE :-)

So it’s been nearly 2 weeks of time away from everything…

I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed my time here in the USA, which is something I’d never thought I would hear myself say.

Normally you would see me hurtling around, or parked in front of my desk driving 2 macs at max pace, permanently attached to a mobile, doing everything and anything; I don’t believe in not being busy.

I’m very lucky that one of my very best friends made the time to fly all the way over here and spend time with me, and of course Disney 🙂 She made it possible to be childish and to really enjoy the experience, as well as pushing me to go on some truly terrifying rides- I might never get in a lift again following the “Tower of terror” at Disney Hollywood Studios!

As I stood watching the Disney fireworks, I was reminded about taking time to really appreciate moments like that. To see whats in front of us, to not worry all the time, and to just stay present- to be MINDFUL.

But… There’s a few things that this holiday has taught me, the first is that it’s OK to have time to yourself. Just because you aren’t doing something, it doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty. The second is that it’s OK to just be yourself, even if that means you’re 29 years old wearing a huge Disney polka dot bow on your head 🙂 Finally I learned that life is all about balance… Go on eat that doughnut, but then run it off the next day!

So today, I got up, had a team meeting, had a leisurely breakfast whilst catching up on my current favorite TV show, Hart of Dixie. I got a run in, and I’ve had time to catch up on my Portuguese lessons…

This pace is something I could get used to, it’s something that I need to have in my life.

So it comes down to BALANCE! Something we must all try and get more of in our lives…

H x

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