Nail varnish life…

When people have a look at my left hand they might wonder how on earth my nails are done, or maybe they think; surely a brush is a better tool for nail varnish than a paint-ball gun??

It’s taken me a little while and a professional nail course to learn a method that doesn’t get nail varnish everywhere except on my actual nails…

Practice makes perfect!

I love playing around with nail varnish and trying different things…


Normally I’ll always have my nails painted during major competition, and being a superstitious nightmare, I tend to stick to the same colours for the entirety of the regatta…

I mean just last month in Melbourne at the Para World Champs, I changed from black to pink for one day, and it was our worst day!! Spooky….

Of course you have to be patriotic about these things…

I do occasionally treat myself to some acrylic or gel extensions, I mean who doesn’t love a good manicure!

Acrylics whilst in Canada
Birthday nautical nails by VB Nails in Weymouth

Ah being a girl is sometimes pretty awesome!

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