Battling the negatives…

We all have those mean and negative voices in our heads, but needless to say, some of us have better control over the beasties that others…

One particular voice that I’ve been struggling with a lot recently is my self image, and in particular my weight…

Coming home from a recent training trip to Rio to discover a few extra Kg’s on the scale wasn’t what I had in mind.


If I’m honest, I’m a massive comfort eater, as well as a champion of the car munchies, which is a disaster when you think how often I am in the car hurtling around.

Of course this time of year makes things even worse… How many of us are parked on the sofa eating an entire box of Celebrations, or a whole wheel of cheese- I’m not even mad, I’m impressed 😉

Come December 29th, we’re all feeling a little worse for wear, and I myself weigh the same as a baby hippo.

IMG_1032 2.JPG

So here we are…

It starts to get really interesting if you keep a food diary like I do… Maybe interesting isn’t the right word- try terrifying!! Once you start adding up the calories and really take a look at where your food is coming from, you might well be shocked!

To war I go!

So here are some tips that have helped me battle those little beasties…

1) Keep a diary- no matter what you are eating, start recording it. Initially my tip would be to not change anything, and more to the point you might not need to!

2) Get yourself some demon voice buddies…. I have 2 rather good friends who help me battle those beasties, both use the My Fitness Pal app to check in and above all offer the encouragement needed…

3) Eat lots of things that are colourful…. and no!! I can hear you saying Jam tarts are colourful, come on, it’s a no!! Make salads and meals in general a lot more interesting by eating lots of different colours… If you’re lucky like me to be able to raid the garden for veggies- grab everything!!


4) DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP!!! This is by far the most important one when battling those little voices in your head.

H x

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