Hail Hydra…

No it’s not a review of the Avengers movie before you get all excited!

Over the past few days, I’ve been lucky enough to be sailing the rather swanky brand new Class 40, Hydra.

In reality it’s a strange coincidence as I had previously eyed up this boat in Hamble and set a few friends on a mission to find out who owned her!! Luckily for me, the skipper is good friends with my technical manager, Alex, and he put us in touch, but sadly I wasn’t able to make the first big trip with her as it clashed with a few other things on the calendar that I just couldn’t shift. Then what do you know, a friend tagged me in a post looking for crew to get Hydra back to the UK, and that was that… Next stop- Oslo!

I’ve never done a crossing this big before, so jumping on a plane to head to Oslo had me pretty nervous (and that’s not just because I hate flying…). Arriving in Norway, we were treated to a night onboard Berge Viking, a rather famous Whitbread racer before heading off the next day into the North Sea and back towards the UK.

The view in the morning wasn’t at all bad!

The first night was probably the toughest for me, as sleeping on a moving boat is incredibly noisy, and Hydra has little in the way of creature comforts… as you may have seen if you follow my Instagram story!

I also struggle with sea-sickness, and despite drugging up on a lot of meds, I think the nerves were making me feel it more than perhaps I actually was. Saying that this trip is the second of my longer trips that I haven’t felt the need to throw some cookies over the rail, so I must be getting my sea legs- at long last!!!

Not utterly convinced, but loving the opportunity!

By day 2 I was back to full fighting fitness, and really starting to enjoy the boat and the scenery. After all, the sunsets and sunrises are literally stunning at sea, and really quite magical!

Sunset before ship dodging the night away!
A gorgeous sunrise after being treated to some dolphin dancing at 3am…

730 miles later we pulled back into Hamble and I grabbed a life changing shower before heading back home.

I really enjoyed the opportunity, and I’m so thankful to have taken it; there are certainly times where I doubt that this Vendee Globe journey of mine is possible, but the more I sail and take on these challenges, the more I realise how determined I really am to get to that start-line.

Thanks to Tristan and the lovely people behind Hydra for letting me be a part of this trip, she really is an amazing piece of kit, and utterly fab to sail!

I must also thank Paul and Gareth for coming on the trip, and for taking the time to teach me, put up with my questions and also reminding me to sleep and eat!!

Now I’m off to Cowes week to hand back the Ladies Day trophy and to enjoy some time on the water with the lovely Siren Mel (Rio based and a massive support throughout the Games for me) who I’ve told you about before!

A week of fun and frolics lies ahead, an I cannot wait!


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