Ladies Day…

Ladies its once again time to get nominating!!

Yes, the time has come to nominate the female sailors that inspire and motivate us, those that push the boundaries and encourage others, those that fight for women in our sport, and those that just get out on the water and show us all how its done!

 Its time to nominate the lady that you feel deserves to win the Ladies Day trophy at Cowes Week….

Since 2006, the Tuesday of Cowes Week has been our unique take on a Ladies Day as seen at other British Summer Season events. The day celebrates the contribution and achievement of women in sailing and recognizes some of the major successes of women in the sport. ELEMIS Ladies Day will take place on the 1st August this year.
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Last year, I was lucky enough to be nominated, and much to my surprise; I made the shortlist!

However I didn’t actually turn up to the Event until the last minute, but trust me it wasn’t deliberate…

Earlier in the day, the Sonar class had got into it racing, and several boats were in the protest room arguing over who sailed the right course…. As one of the leading boats, we were fighting it out in the protest room, so a quick message to the organisers apologising about not being able to attend, and I was back to it. Weirdly enough, I didn’t think much of it… Of course, I was thrilled to be nominated, but I never thought that I would ever win, I was over the moon just to make the shortlist amongst some truly amazing female sailors.

Racing in Cowes Week

As I was stood waiting for the protest decision in the Race office, one of the ladies behind the desk came to find me, and was pretty insistent that I take a phone call…. 5 minutes later I was rushed into a car, handed my team shirt and told to hurry up- all very strange?

Walking into the room, it was nice to see so many female sailors that I totally look up to and am inspired by, but I still for the life of me didn’t really get what was happening. Luckily my sponsorship agent Adriana was there telling me to smile and suggesting that I think of something good to say as I had won!!!

Totally overwhelmed!!
Getting to meet Nick Knowles- who totally loved my Irregular choice shoes 🙂

The main focus of our Ladies Day celebrations each year is an exclusive evening reception at which the ‘Ladies Day Trophy’ is awarded. In 2016 Paralympian Sailor Hannah Stodel was the eleventh winner of the trophy. It was presented in recognition of her achievements in sailing and for representing ParalympicsGB at her fourth consecutive Games at Rio 2016, competing in the Sonar event alongside John Robertson and Stephen Thomas.
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This year, I’ll be back at Cowes Week to hand over the trophy, and there are so many Ladies out there that deserve this award.

If you can think of anyone thats a deserving winner, you can nominate here:

So get nominating, lets keep raising the profile of women in the sport of sailing, and lets recognise the achievements of those amazing sailors out there!!

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