It’s a random one…

It’s time to move onto something a little bit lighter…

I love reading posts where you get to know the person better, and I wanted to share my likes and dislikes with you, including some of the rather weirder ones in the hope that maybe you can get to know me a little better!

Things I hate…

Tomatoes – if anyone so much as brings one of these things near me I will scream. I absolutely hate tomatoes, the texture, the taste, the smell, all disgusting.

I have never liked tomatoes, I will even go as far as looking at the menu and seeing tomato on it within a meal and immediately ruling that item out.


IPhone updates – if my computer tries to do one more update when I’m working on something, then I will throw it out of the window.

IPhone updates are literally the pits.

How can it take hours just to do an update? I mean almost every time you plug your phone into the computer, it tells you there’s another update; there must have been at least three this week alone. Ok, I exaggerate! But you get the gist…

Packing – I hate packing. I cannot seem to be able to pack without needing 37 suitcases just go away for the weekend. This is weird when you consider that I am one of the most OCD driven, spreadsheet writing, organised people you will probably ever meet.

Most days trying to fit everything in a bag looks a lot like this…

Middle lane walkers/drivers – yes middle lane walkers are the worst! Walking down the street or in the supermarket aisle, and they just stop in the middle and piss about doing nothing. Move to the side… It is the same on the roads, there’s always the one idiot hogging the middle lane like their life depends on it, the left lane is clear, there is no-one in it, move into it!

Things I love…

Dogs– this ones pretty obvious if you follow me on Instagram! I love my 3 retrievers, and OK, Bertie is really my favourite! Working with Bertie as a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog really does make me smile, I can see the difference he makes to peoples lives. He travels to different care homes and hospitals around Essex, and it really is an amazing job, and he totally loves giving out cuddles and love!

My biggest furry monster- Bertie 

Disney – I am a little Disney mad.

I’ve been to the USA parks 6 times, and I would probably go as far as saying it’s one of my ideal holiday destinations! There is nothing more fun than hurtling around a theme park being a great big child!

This is my version of the entrance to heaven! 

Twister – my favourite movie… I love this movie! It might be old, but its soooo good!

Nails – now it’s not really common knowledge, but I once did a nail tech course as I love doing nails. It used to be a thing of mine that I would always have my nails painted for major competitions, and I was perhaps a bit superstitious about it.

At one World Championships, I changed the colour of my nails midway through the week, and we had our worst day, so, from that moment on I never changed colours, and always re-did my nails at night ready for the next day.

Who doesn’t love a sparkly acrylic set?? Not practical for sailing LOL 

But the thing I love most, the thing that gets me up in the morning, is a challenge, and as far as challenges go, the Vendee Globe is right up there with the most challenging!

The road to the Vendee is not going to be easy, but I am well on the way now, and things can only get better.

I will have to perfect my packing skills for the IMOCA and a fairly unknown time at sea, but at least I won’t be agonising over which shoes to take ….. oh yes, shoes, I forgot shoes on the love list. 3c3669c6-2903-4a16-a907-596bd8acbef2.jpgDo you think Louboutin will sponsor me ?!

H x

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