Beating the cold…

We all know how bad it is when you get that awful scratchy horrible throat, you have become the world’s biggest snot machine, and your face feels like it’s about to explode.

Not to mention that every time you breathe,  there is some horrendous gurgling sound, like some kind of mucus monster infestation has built itself in your chest.

All through this winter, we have been constantly reminded of the impending doom of a cold with each sneeze, sniff and the news of deadly flu viruses spreading all over the place. Whilst we all do our best to keep our immune system strong, sometimes we just fail, and I for one have been suffering with a cold for the last four days.

So here’s some tips I have learned, some fail-safe, some completely ridiculous and random! I am of course in no way an expert and perhaps once you read about my plans for some socks, you will also agree!


1. Eat garlic

I love garlic, luckily this year we had a bumper cup of garlic from our garden, and they are the size of small elephants.

Garlic seems to cure all sorts of yucky stuff, and I personally really love it. Roast me up a lump of garlic, and I’d gladly chow down on it!

s-l1600.jpg2. Supplements

Now normally I hate taking anything.

I used to be so nervous of even popping an ibuprofen with the strict drug testing rules that Paralympic sport is governed by, but recently I have been a bit less nervous.

I use Healthspan Elite omega and probiotics over the winter months, as well as an Iron supplement as that’s an issue I struggle with, most of their supplements are on the Informed Sport website too, so they have also been independently tested and a free from any nasties!


3. Wear wet socks

Seriously, I’m not joking. When someone told me about this trick, I thought a) She’s just stood in a puddle and her shoes filled up with water, and she’s trying to convince us all that its the best thing to happen to her all day, and  b) she’s joking.

Essentially you get some wet socks (slightly warm), wring them out, and then you stick the damp socks on and go to bed, and when you wake up you should be allegedly healed. I’m going to try tonight…



Either that or I’m going to look like a right moose wearing wet socks in bed!!


4. Hydrate or die

Drink, drink, drink.

Gin doesn’t count, even if you put it in a water bottle and pretend- Mel I’m looking at you!

5. Apple cider vinegar.

Recently I’ve also been doing a shot of apple cider vinegar each day, which was highly recommended by a friend, and I’m a bit of a convert. It is important to not just neck a shot though, I put mine in water, but if you can’t face that, then put it in juice or tea or something to make it more palatable.


6. Sleep and a good diet

Sleep is probably the most important thing you can do that really makes a difference, as is a healthy diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables. My new diet has me currently feeling like a rabbit, but hey you can’t argue with results!


So there you have it… The Hannah Stodel guide to surviving the winter cold…

All jokes aside though, keeping your immune system strong is really important though, and for me, I need to go into my future ocean races and the Vendee Globe with mine in the best shape it can be, before the ravages of the racing take their toll.

Right now, I can smell the garlic roasting in the oven so I am off for another fix.

Stay healthy everyone!


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