Figaro adventures…

Richard Branson has been quoted:  “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” ,which pretty much sums up my feelings on being offered the chance to sail a Figaro with Hugh Brayshaw from the Offshore Academy.  As... Continue Reading →

Celebrating us women!

So it’s International Womens Day, a time to celebrate women and push for equality and parity between the genders, and this year the hashtag is #PressforProgress. Sailing, as many other sports, is male dominated at the most competitive levels. As a woman who has competed in this arena it adds extra pressure to the life... Continue Reading →

Four investments I had to make…

When I hear the word investments, I immediately think money and start sweating… No Dad, put down the mobile, its not an "emergency credit card situation", don't panic! I am not talking about the kind of investments where you risk your hard earned cash in the hopes of making making thousands of pounds… I am... Continue Reading →

Theme hospital!!

This is a random post, but if like me you grew up in the 90's, then you'll have no doubt come across Theme hospital... Theme Hospital was one of those games that used to be on a CD, took ages to load, had horrendous graphics, but was totally addictive. Bullfrog (the creators)  were really onto... Continue Reading →

Nail varnish life…

When people have a look at my left hand they might wonder how on earth my nails are done, or maybe they think; surely a brush is a better tool for nail varnish than a paint-ball gun?? It's taken me a little while and a professional nail course to learn a method that doesn't get... Continue Reading →

Exploring Melbourne

I’ve been pretty lucky this week after the end of the Para World Sailing Championships…. Normally we don’t get a great amount of time to explore the areas that we are sailing in, but here we’ve had an entire 5 days in between the 2 regattas!! Exploring melbourne by bike has been a doddle! The... Continue Reading →

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