Beating the cold…

We all know how bad it is when you get that awful scratchy horrible throat, you have become the world's biggest snot machine, and your face feels like it's about to explode. Not to mention that every time you breathe,  there is some horrendous gurgling sound, like some kind of mucus monster infestation has built... Continue Reading →

Black pudding :-)

It’s official… We can now eat black pudding by the bucket load, whilst claiming to be eating a superfood!! - hurray!!Recently the good old staple of an English Fry up has been getting a lot of attention, and I for one am pretty excited… Now of course black pudding is a bit like marmite, you... Continue Reading →

Battling the negatives…

We all have those mean and negative voices in our heads, but needless to say, some of us have better control over the beasties that others... One particular voice that I've been struggling with a lot recently is my self image, and in particular my weight... Coming home from a recent training trip to Rio... Continue Reading →

Try new things?

So tonight I’ve been pondering how often we really get out and try new things- in this instance it was food. I’m not really that brave when it comes to food, I guess you could say I’m a creature of habbit, and once I find a good thing, I tend to stick to it. Here... Continue Reading →

Eating challenges…

Currently I'm taking some time away in the USA with a friend.As you can imagine, its pretty rare that we aren't training or away on the road with the constant regatta schedule, so this break really is welcome!So far we've mainly spent our time at the Disney World Park, as well as Universal, and of... Continue Reading →

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