The bike that goes nowhere…

So if you follow me on social media, you'll notice that recently a lot of my posts and stories have been Peloton related right?  I also realise that a lot of you also know how much I hate cardio, and that my relationship historically with fitness and training in general has been anything but positive;... Continue Reading →

A little catch up!

Hello Everyone,  I appreciate its been a while since we had a good old update…   Since I last updated you all, things have been moving in very positive directions for all parts of this big crazy dream of mine, and much yachting has occurred, which is always a good thing to me!!  The last... Continue Reading →

Hail Hydra…

No it's not a review of the Avengers movie before you get all excited! Over the past few days, I've been lucky enough to be sailing the rather swanky brand new Class 40, Hydra. In reality it's a strange coincidence as I had previously eyed up this boat in Hamble and set a few friends... Continue Reading →

Battling the negatives…

We all have those mean and negative voices in our heads, but needless to say, some of us have better control over the beasties that others... One particular voice that I've been struggling with a lot recently is my self image, and in particular my weight... Coming home from a recent training trip to Rio... Continue Reading →

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