Catching up

It’s been a fair old while since the last time I wrote on this blog, and a lot has happened! As you may have realised, things have been pretty busy…

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been to the BVI’s with Girls for Sail, met some amazing people, been on a few class 40 adventures, coached some racing ladies, and visited Les Sables to see some incredible Imoca racing machines- all in all, its been a rollercoaster!

The BVI’s were a great opportunity to just enjoy some casual sailing, get a tan, and to teach racing to some rather lovely ladies.

Grabbing Kat, the apprentice at Girls for Sail, we hitched a ride with Virgin Atlantic and headed for Antigua…
I’d like to thank the absoloutley amazing staff who went out of their way to look after us, especially for putting up with my standard nervous flying!

Living the dream with Virgin Atlantic

The Race week in the BVI’s is like nothing I’ve ever been to- it was so much fun, and using islands as racing marks is also a new one!

Considering this was the first time that the ladies had raced, let alone put up with a rather agressive tactician, they all did an amazing job. Melissa, Irene, Catherine and Juliana- you were all fab! Thanks for all the effort and putting up with my competitive nature!

Excitement at leading out of the start!

We even led the fleet out of one rather punchy start… Massive thumbs up to Lizzie on the wheel for throwing the boat into the tiny space I gave her- “You have rights, don’t be scared, go go go!!”
After a pretty full on week, we finished a very very credible 4th in our class, something all of the lovely ladies should be proud of.

So appolgies for not updating you all sooner…. Stay tuned, I promise you I’ll get round to updating you on all my adventures over the coming weeks…

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